Cobalt Chromes

The two systems that we employ are the Vitallium and Bego Wironit systems.

BEGO wironit chromes produced by this system offer high quality chrome framework at affordable price for surgeons and laboratories.

The excellent properties of the revolutionary VITALLIUM system, which are reflected in the reliability and comfort of every Vitallium denture, have remained the basis for the leading position of Vitallium alloys on the world market.

VITALLIUM  is only used in laboratories where the technicians have been thoroughly instructed in all aspects of the alloys consumables, and equipment.


Acetal Clasps

Acetal tooth coloured clasps can be used and are available in a range of different shades to enhance the overall appearance for patients.


Clasp-Eze offer an aesthetic alternative to Acetal Clasps and are made from FDA grade nylon for strength and durability.




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